This film is a rom-com with a twist. It aims to have fun with the idea of what it would be like to have a well-meaning dictator make everything come right.

Plot outline:

  • GG goes thorough a painful break-up. She is upset that her partner did not keep his
    promise of eternal love.
  • On a research trip to Cuba she becomes inspired by the story of the Cuban revolution
    and the character of Fidel Castro – in particular that he kept his promise that he would
    never give up on the revolution.
  • When back in the UK, GG becomes inspired to write Fidel the Musical. Fidel Castro
    appears as a fantasy boyfriend and causes havoc when he aims to put all the problems
    he comes across right – Castro style. He also contributes to the writing of the musical,
    the casting and directing. His help is not always appreciated!

Fidel is used as a mouthpiece to highlight some alternative views of how we can address the issues that face us.

There are numerous themes that Fidel can address, but the aim is to seek public input by means of a Facebook page on what most concerns people today. Then these will be integrated (amusingly, but with serious message) into the script.

Click here for an overview of the project and script outline


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