The Characters

The following is a list of characters, along with our ideal casting choices

Lead Roles

    • GG: heroine.  Late 30s/40s. professor in public health, her research in Cuba and break up of relationship leads her to give up her job and write Fidel the Musical. Use a relatively unknown British actress.
    • Fantasy Fidel: In his 40s/50s. He appears and for a while we and are not sure if he actually exists in some kind of ghostly way or if GG has gone mad. He follows her around, and insists on making directives, changing the script and making his opinions strongly felt on casting and directing the musical. Use a relatively unknown British/Spanish/Latin American actor.
    • Actor playing role of Fidel in the musical: Hugh Jackman
    • Actor playing Role of Che Guevara in the musical: Ricky Martin: is very camp when not in role
    • Russell Brandt: insists on being Che Guevara, but gets repeatedly turned down, but wangles being understudy.
    • Actor playing role of Celia Sanchez: Maxine Peake

Cameo Roles

i.e. actors who play themselves auditioning for part of Fidel Castro or Che Guevara.

  • George Clooney and his wife Amal, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: George and Brad debate who should go for Che and who Fidel, while wives discuss Cuba’s human rights issues.
  • Alexis Sayle stomps in, does a massive rant about something and stomps out
  • Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon argue who plays Fidel and Che and do lots of impressions
  • Hugh Grant: hears that they want Hugh, and thinks they mean him, so is very excited, but his apologetic style is not very Fidel like.
  • Arnie Achwartzenegger: auditions for Fidel.
  • Patrick Stewart: We think he’ll audition for Fidel, but then he dons a black beret.
  • Jim Carrey auditions for Fidel, but overdoes the gestures – over-hams!
  • Beautiful airhead actress: haven’t decided on casting – gets turned down for role of revolutionary heroine, Celia Sanchez for being too glossy.
  • Bill Nighy: because he’s in everything.